Fellow Progressive Democrats

We, as Democrats, sit back and smile as we watch the goings on in the Republican Party; Tea party taking over and running the moderates into the ground. Ah yes it looks good, but don’t get to smug, it appears we have somewhat of a fuss of our own going on.

I am talking about a group that goes under the name of Third Way. Digging some, you will find the directors of this group are all either investment bankers or CEOs.

Based on an editorial in the Wall Street Journal last week, Third Way seems to be getting its shorts in a knot over Elizabeth Warren’s growing popularity and her support of the efforts to increase Social Security.


Huffington post has a story about this incident here…


While we should be concentrating on the upcoming mid-term elections, we cannot let this slip through the net.

This group supports Hillary Clinton and if she gets the nomination, I will support her also. However we must maintain pressure on all Democratic candidates to support progressive goals and throw off the corporate oppression we have been under for so long.

If we want the change we were expecting from Obama, we must work hard to get it. We do not have it yet.

In example the TPP slipping through right now has the support of corporate America, the Chamber of Commerce and President Obama.

Keep in mind, Hillary may not be the change we are looking for.

Now let’s all get back to work on 2014. 🙂


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