“I can’t remember when I paid full price for anything”

English: Image of Wagners grocery store in Chu...

English: Image of Wagners grocery store in Church Hill, MS, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those are the words I just heard a lady say on TV this morning.  Those words/thoughts symbolize the greatest scam perpetrated on the American public in the history of Madison Avenue; a stroke of genius by someone. It works and works well.

The theory being, people get a shot of dopamine when they think they have made a purchase at below the original price.

It really does not take a mathematical wiz to see the facts of this action. Marking items up to mark them down for a SALE.

Retailer J C Penney tried to stop this last year declaring no more sales, just everyday low prices. This cost the retailer millions of dollars in lost sales; they are still suffering from the experiment as the price of their stock shows.

In my youth I was told to save some of my income; put it in a bank and earn interest. This would provide me with funds for major purchases later or just a safety net for unexpected emergencies.

So, when I check out at the local grocery store and the clerk tells me “you saved $23.45 today” I am somewhat irritated. IMHO I have not saved a penny, I usually respond with, “oh good, I have been saving up for a new car and I think $23.45 is what I needed to buy the car.”

A pair of jeans; regular price $60 on sale $30. What ?


4 thoughts on ““I can’t remember when I paid full price for anything”

  1. doesn’t this person who hasn’t paid full price for anything in years bought gas lol yes things are marked up and brought down and we or mot of us realize prices are higher so sales look good but then we all like a sale or most of us anyways and think we got a deal……customer is happy and retailer is happy….seems to work


      • The lady probably buys her groceries where she gets a coupon for cents off on gas. Truth be known the “sale” price u r buying the item for is the “full” price. This is the price the vendor is willing to sell it for. If u really want to get a deal, buy the $30 jeans for $ 25! Like that is going to happen. Do not think u have “saved” any money on their fake sales!


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