A police state for sure

English: A page from American Civil Liberties ...

English: A page from American Civil Liberties Union v. Ashcroft. This image was made public by the ACLU (from http://www.aclu.org/Files/getFile.cfm?id=15551). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is another story of a citizen in New Mexico being prodded and probed in a fruitless search for drugs.

This particular search resulted in the suspect getting a $5000 bill from the hospital that performed some of the outrageous searches.

Fortunately the ACLU is helping her in her suit.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in what is going on in this United States of America, the country some tell us others are jealous of because of our freedoms.

We must all join together in stopping this cruel and inhumane treatment of our citizens by the police.

Link to full story… http://iacknowledge.net/police-conduct-invasive-cavity-search-on-woman-find-no-drugs-and-leave-her-with-a-5000-bill/


4 thoughts on “A police state for sure

  1. Against “Big Government”? Strip the government of the power to govern and the people no longer have a voice. Efficient government answerable to ALL the people, not just the wealthy, greedy, bigoted, and religious zealots.


  2. OK – silly Canadian throwing their 2 cents worth at you.

    America is bat shit crazy! Holy crap – these stories have drifted across the border recently and i’m in utter disbelief.Americans have the right to buy semi automatic weapons, spread hateful or racial garbage over the internet and it isn’t a “hate crime” until a physical assault takes place, judges uphold ridiculous “stand your ground” laws, prisons are run for profit, Scientology is a recognized religion and the NRA doesn’t pay taxes – all because of constitutional freedom. Meanwhile, on a whim law enforcement can subject anyone to cavity searches or worse. I doubt this is what the founding fathers of your precious constitution had in mind. Yikes 🙂


    • Yikes for sure Notes, our government has been taken over by the corporatists.I spend many hours daily encouraging people to join in the fight to recreate a government of, for and by the people. Do not know who said it first but, If good people do nothing, evil takes control.


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