Saturday Chatter

The holidays have me off schedule this week; usually share this on a Monday morning.

Last Saturday was different, group was larger by at least 50 percent and chatter did not get my full attention.  The cards came out early and before I knew it I was involved in a Euchre tournament.

One political discussion I was involved in started when a military retiree (Republican) stated the fact that his pension was being decreased in the new budget being put forth by the government. He asked why they don’t cut their own pay.  I could hardly conceal my glee as I explained to him… yes the Republicans are indeed cutting benefits to veterans and with only 535 congress critters a cut to their pay would not save near as much money as a cut to vets benefits.

He agreed to the volume of vets versus congress critters but took a different view of the Republicans being responsible for the cuts; he thinks it is the government that cut his pay. It takes 51 votes to pass legislation.

A couple of points here…

First he is technically correct it does take agreement in congress for any bill to pass.  I should have pointed out that the cuts were necessary to get the Republicans to sign off on the agreement, maybe next time.

Second point, they are now turning these young men against the government rather than pointing out the actual culprit in taking from the middle-class.  Nice spin job by the aristocrats, don’t you think?

I did compliment him for agreeing with me in the fact that middle-class people are suffering and having to foot the bill for our government’s fiascoes. I suggested he begin voting like me and then we would start making some progress.

He was not ready to go this far and appears to be ready to continue voting against his own best interests. More work to do with this young fellow.

The rest of the evening I was wrapped up in the card game and had to stay out of the “Obamacare” discussion going on at the next table. Damn!!!

Want to get a Wednesday evening chat group together starting next month. Anyone interested in joining group drop me an email or reply here for more information.


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