Wait a Minute, did you hear that?

Hear and Now

Hear and Now (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s that sound? Off in the distance, no it is right here in the room with us. What is it?

Turn off the tv, turn off the Iphones, the Ipads, the radio. Turn them all off, now listen again, silently.

There it is again, did you hear it? Did you hear it that time?

There it is, why it sounds like a small child, a small child calling out in hunger.

A child seeking nourishment, yes that’s what it is. I can hear it more clearly now, it is a boy.  Do you hear him also?

Ah, but he is not seeking just an apple to nourish his body, he is seeking knowledge and wisdom to nourish his very heart and soul.

Reach out and take his hand. Walk slowly with him down a path he has yet to travel. As you walk hand in hand, share with him the experiences of your life as he shares with you his excitement and joy of new things discovered.

This stroll is not a time for preaching or scolding, it is a time for sharing and listening. The listening may be the most important part of the walk. For without the listening, only one of you will have been nourished and that would be a shame. Don’t you think?


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