So Proud of this Young Lady

So Proud of this Young Lady

This Picture is from a vacation in Florida years back, could not figure out how to get text message picture on this blog.
Just received, via text message, a few photos of one of my beautiful granddaughters in Washington D.C..

She has spent the last couple of days in our nation’s capital participating in the right to life demonstration.
While the goal of this organization is something I personally do not agree with, Sadie’s participation is something I support whole heartedly.
A fifteen year old getting involved in something she believes in and walking the cold streets in support of her beliefs shall be commended.
Contrast this with the number of adults who have given up on our government and choose to “not get involved” it is disheartening to me and many others.
This lack of faith in our government by many is of course, a planned action by those corporate monsters seeking complete plutocratic control.
So I say; “Walk proud Sadie and do not let them break your spirit.” Papa has your back!


something light tonight.

Early review on Academy Awards

Captain Phillips:

A good movie, nothing outstanding. Best scene when Tom Hanks breaks down after being rescued.

Wolf of Wall Street:

Lottsa profanity, sex, nudity, greed. Not a contender in my humble opinion

 Lone Survivor:

Lottsa violence, profanity a more graphic war movie than in days gone by. Not a contender IMHO

August: Osage county:

Lottsa profanity, human tragedy, everyone has human weakness’s in this one. Best so far.

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King

PSA to My Friends that watch Fox News.
In an attempt to help Fox viewers gain knowledge as to what is really going on in the world I will post occasional news events that Fox seems to overlook. You’re welcome.
First item, today is Martin Luther King day in the United States. The stock market will be closed as will the U.S. Postal service. If you are expecting on time delivery of any important items, based on Christmas deliveries by the private companies, best wishes.
Second item, New Jersey governor Chris Christie (the bully one) is in a bit of trouble in his home state for alleged good ol boy antics. Not to worry, Christie is carrying on with his national goals and ambitions; attending a fund-raiser in Florida yesterday put on by billionaire Kenneth G Langone.
Langone is the founder of Home Depot and has been a long time backer of the one percent, recently suggesting the Catholic Church may have difficulties raising money because of the Pope’s actions.
Moanin Joe and Mika continue in their love fest with Christie; attacking the Mayor of Hoboken for not coming out with her accusations against Christie until now.
These are just a few items for your edification my friends. Now, enjoy the day and bundle up it is getting cold out there.

And your perspective is?

And your perspective is?

Really liked this image when i stumbled on it this morning. downloaded it in hopes of using it here.
And then i received a meme from “being a conservative”. The meme tells a story of a rich man earning $1000 a day vs a poor man earning $10 a day. It goes on to tell us how the rich man builds a factory and gives the poor man a job paying him $100 and day while making $2000 a day himself. A politician then taxes the rich man to provide income equality. The rich man closes factory and we are back to step one.
Well my perspective on this is a bit different, it goes like this:

Rich man puts money in Cayman Islands to avoid paying his fair share of taxes or he builds factory in China.
Politician, expecting donation from rich man does nothing. Everything remains the same.

Elk River West Virginia

Elk River West Virginia

Freedom Industries Declares Bankruptcy
The company that just contaminated the water supply in West Virginia has just used a technique available to corporations in the United States since the rewriting of bankruptcy laws during the Republican reign of power.
This method of avoiding being held responsible for your actions and/or commitments has proven to be a monetary windfall to corporations across this great nation.
Pension expenses to high? Declare bankruptcy and void the pensions. This works not only for corporations but government entities are also beginning to see the value of this action. (Detroit, Mi.)
Union contract too expensive? Declare bankruptcy and rewrite the contract or just void it all together.
BP was considering using this method when the messed up the Gulf of Mexico but they are a British corporation and supposedly are only 2/5s of a person under current law. 😉
Under the radar is the connection between Freedom Industries and Koch Industries.
And we all know of Koch Industries and their work at getting their handpicked candidates elected to office.
I am already tired of the political ads being run on local television daily. Give them a call and tell them to stop. Koch Industries phone number ( 316) 828-5500

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What does it take to be Human?

This is a question posted in a message on social media. The question was posed by a student in response to a request from her professor.

The responses were interesting as follows:

D wrote “A soul….reasoning…opposing thumb…a moral code…

L said “I’d say language and ability to speak more than one. Intelligence, religion, culture, morality…

A couple of responses to this were:

“Why do you say that” and “Animals have language”

L said “Yes they do but can it be written down and learned by others?”

H said “The ability to reason and make choices beyond instincts”

Di said “is it our family values and is it compassion for others? a lot of the human species isn’t human the way they act” followed by “they may be of the human race, but there actions sometimes prove differently

My reply was a simple “Human Parents”

E said “a conscience”

N said “I think it takes having a heart and a conscience.”

At this point I had to jump in again and posted this. “Humans do not have to have any of these characteristics. They are humans because they were born human just like ants are ants. What the hell?”

I also added this “Adam Lanza was a human as was mother Theresa and Hitler and Ghandi and Jack the Ripper . Need I say more?”

E said “Think I woulda consider them demons as they have no conscience”

My rant continued. “You can call them anything you want but they are all humans.” And then I started getting outrageously ridiculous with the following.

“ A wolf is not human nor is a dog” “Dogs have consciences, they feel bad when they do bad. Dogs do not have that thumb thing you were talking about but monkeys do.”

Now had the question been along the lines of what does it take to be humane or what does it take to be a “good” human, I could have accepted and understood some of those answers but.

  • Human


  • Humans are primates of the family Hominidae, and the only extant species of the genus Homo. Humans are distinguished from other primates by their bipedal locomotion, and especially by their relatively .


What do you all think about this important question/topic?

Sorry I did not get a chance to meet you folks at the meeting last night. I did not make it, family matters kept me busy. Next time for sure.

Just a Couple of Brief Snarks Today

So the children got us one of those fancy one cup coffee makers for my birthday. And then for Christmas they got us one of those fancy big flat screen television sets.

Please do not let any of your right wing friends know this as we are on social security and Medicare. And we do not want the Republicans complaining about us folks on the government dole having all these rich folk things.

Second. Now this is just a rumor so do not share it with anyone. A dude in Florida had to “pop a cap” on one of his neighbors. Seems the neighbor had put his yard waste across the lot line for the third time. Dude told him to stop that shit. Second dude came out with a rake in his hand. First dude felt he was under attack and blasted him to eternity with his AK-47.

Third, The Koch brothers are advertising like crazy in Michigan to get their candidate elected to the U.S. Senate. If you want these dudes and their lobbyists to have even more control over our government, follow their instructions otherwise join me in voting for anyone that pisses them off.

Have a good day friends and hopefully I will see you all tonight.