This one rambles a bit, about the ACA and internet BS

People usually have two answers to every question. Did you know that? Yes, it seems people will respond to a question with the first response being the one they think you want to hear. As a questioner if you are not satisfied with the answer, you can point this out to them.  Most times they will give you the real answer at that point.

I bring this up because earlier today there was a discussion regarding the Affordable Care Act on Facebook. A friend had posted a link to a rightwing blog that spoke of the tragedy of some poor lady in Alabama that was suffering under the woes of having to sign up for healthcare.  Insinuating Government-Health care is bad.

A quick search found this story to be just that, a fictional piece written to continue the insurance companies attack on the ACA.

In further discussion it was disclosed that the Facebook poster is covered under Medicaid and she was sent home from the hospital on New Year’s Eve after arriving there via ambulance suffering from breathing difficulties brought on by an Asthma attack.  When she asked why they would not admit her she was told, “Welcome to Obamacare”.

I am thinking this was one of those you want to hear answers. But I could be wrong maybe the ACA has something in it that states hospitals cannot expect to be paid for patients that do not require hospitalization.

Or it may have been the hospitals training of their people to blame every patient complaint on “Obamacare”.

This blaming has two distinct advantages for the healthcare industry, it provides a scapegoat for any and all failings of the industry and it continues with a subtle public relations effort against the government.

This PR against the government works in conjunction with the stuff being posted on Facebook which brought about this blog today. The facebook poster that raised my concern when asked to clarify more said. I have friends who also are suffering under this “Obamacare”. More clarifications would include “my husband works with someone whose sister cannot afford the insurance. And so on you get my drift, no facts just hearsay evidence.


2 thoughts on “This one rambles a bit, about the ACA and internet BS

  1. I think you’re giving too much credit to the people telling these lies about hospitals, etc., Larry. More than likely there is close to zero truth in any of this. There have been rules from the beginning related to Medicare and Medicaid; but folk our age couldn’t afford insurance if it weren’t for Medicare because the only concern insurance companies have is the bottom line, PERIOD.

    Also, it is quite likely we’re talking about a southern state where they have refused the improved Medicaid coverage; and the REAL reason for this (if it actually happened, which is quesitonable0 is their refusal to actually do what would help the people of their state the most.

    Some people have less coverage in some areas BECAUSE THE INSURANCE COMPANIES are screwing with them using the Affordable Care Act as a scapegoat. Some people are paying increased rates BECAUSE THEIR EMPLOYERS, in order to make a larger profit, are using the Affordable care Act as a scapegoat for their greed.

    Most of the time this is the bottom line. It isn’t the ACA, it is the greed.


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