So an email arrives praising the Republicans

Praising them for supporting the 13th amendment abolishing slavery, praising them for supporting the 14th amendment giving citizenship to freed slaves, praising them for supporting the 15th amendment the right to vote for all. And last but not least, praising the Republicans for NOT supporting the Affordable Care Act.

Strange, this email supports the positive things the Republicans did back in the 1860s and the negative thing they are doing in 2013.

We have to shake our heads in disbelief; does this sender really think we will fall for this? Do not tell us what the Republicans did over 100 years ago; tell us what they are doing now.

Tell us how they are cutting benefits to the veterans.

Tell us how after cutting food stamps to the same veterans and their children, they sealed the deal by eliminating unemployment for millions of long-term unemployed.

Tell how they continue to support tax breaks for the billionaires of Wall Street and the corporations’ they feed.

Or better yet, just tell yourself those actual current facts.

It is really cold out today, bundle up.


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