Incandescent Bulbs!

Well here we are in the first week of 2014 and already running low on these warm/friendly incandescent light bulbs. Welcome to Obamacare.  😉

Another case of government intruding into our private lives; next they will be writing restrictions on what women can and cannot do with their bodies.

And what’s to stop them from restricting our rights to peacefully assemble?

This will come about from the government placing a listening device in each of those “curly” bulbs that enables them to listen to every word spoken in our house. They will also be able to catch every keypunch on our computers.

Aye, big brother will be watching and listening to our every transaction. How long before they devise a way capture our thoughts?

Scary thoughts for sure don’t you think?

Well you should know the law requiring energy-efficient light bulbs was written and approved in 2007, under a different president and party. The invasion of our privacy was also started under the same group; as was the intrusion into women’s bodies. So, enough of your thanking Obama for all this elimination of our basic of our rights; let us all put the blame where it lies, on the plutocrats running our country.

For a humorous look at the light bulb controversy click on the link below.  I especially like where it says “you will have to pry the bulbs from my cold dead lamps”

Link to cartoons….

And for my friends living in the U.S. here is some calming music.

Keep the faith and bundle up.


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