Obama Derangement Syndrome Explained!

Class Warfare Blog

Dartagnan, a blogger at the Daily Kos, has offered this explanation of Obama Derangement Syndrome and the unhinging of the Republican Party. I think he has nailed it, what do you think?

. . . the Republican Party has undergone some type of fundamental mutation since the first African-American was elected President, one that can’t be correlated to any other constant. Bill Clinton may have infuriated them with his good looks, and his Teflonesque charisma may have reminded them of the kid they despised in high school who got away with everything, but their fury then was more rational, rooted in feelings of being hoodwinked and lied to. Their rage was a tool to move their party back to its rightful position–to make things right again. At its root the animus to Bill Clinton may have been a product of jealousy among Republican males who felt emasculated and helpless…

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