Saturday Chatter

Last week’s chatter went a little different as the crowd was large and the chat started late.  It did not start well as one of the chatters was standing behind me telling someone the “libruls” were at fault for most everything. He did pronounce it like that.

When we finally sat down to chat I asked him what he was talking about. He told me had just started reading a book written by the guy who was the last man standing in the movie of the same name. We did not get into a great amount of detail but it appears to me the guy calls anyone that does not agree with him a “librul.”

I told my buddy he was still voting against his best interests and this was caused by a career in the military where he had been indoctrinated to support Republicans. He told me the Republicans had always supported the military better than the Democrats and were more affective in their actions. I mentioned Osama Bin Laden and he said the killing of Osama was a long-term project started by the Republicans and Obama just happened to be the guy in charge when it took place.

This is starting to get my dander up. I mentioned how we had Osama cornered during Bush’s reign but let him go. His response was “we couldn’t kill him because the “libruls” wouldn’t let us.”

At this point I told him Bush had said “I really don’t spend that time on him anymore”; and promised to provide the video link for proof.

I also told him he was nearing the point of being beyond saving. He said he would give me the book to read as soon as he finished it. I told him I had a book for him also. I have a copy of “Homegrown Democratic” by Garrison Keillor.

Link of Bush saying he really does not spend that much time on him.

Mentioned the Sunnis and Shiites going at it again in Iraq and suggested we had wasted a lot of resources and good people in a useless war. Why, I asked. He said “WMDs”, I laughed and told him only he and Dick Cheney still believe there were WMDs in Iraq. “Well” I added, “maybe a few other Fox viewers also still think that.”

I also had an interesting chat with a lady that was complaining about people on food stamps having flat screen tvs and driving fancy cars with leather seats.  More about that later.

If you are in middle U.S. stay warm, it is still cold out there.

Still looking forward to meeting with you all for a monthly chatter later this month.


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