Vengenance is Mine Sayeth The Bully

Vengenance is Mine Sayeth The Bully

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seen here chastising a teacher that had the audacity to ask him a tough question, has been accused of either using his staff to avenge a political opponent. or as the WSJ reports been duped by his staff. In either case this man is not fit to be in the position he currently holds much less the presidency of the United States of America.
This implosion does not come as a surprise to some as noted in this link…
In a somewhat related story Michigan’s tyrannical Governor Rick Snyder is still paying former state treasurer his salary 3 months after he resigned. Snyder also has appointed former campaign aid Richard DiBartolomeo to a job in the treasury department.\; a job which he may not qualify for. Snyder also provided DiBarolomeo with a hefty raise. link for more on this….


2 thoughts on “Vengenance is Mine Sayeth The Bully

    • Christie is on the telly right now. Apologizing to anyone who will listen to him. He has fired a couple members of his staff. Most likely he fired them for getting caught. 😉 Christie is just another New Joisey thug politician. He just said “there may have really been a traffic study”. What a POS this guy is.


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