Dems Warn Obama

This may upset some of my Democratic friends but sometimes upsetting people is the only way to get their attention.

This has to do with the TPP aka the Trans-Pacific Partnership. This is a deal with 12 countries participating in a trade, said to be free trade. However the deal as a whole lacks transparency and many are fearful of the power being given to corporations in this deal.


“Like NAFTA, the TPP would empower foreign corporations to directly challenge the laws and regulations of a country before an international tribunal. Under other trade frameworks, like the World Trade Organization treaties, only nations themselves are permitted to bring trade cases before an international arbiter, meaning companies must first win support from a government before attacking a law. Exxon Mobil, Dow Chemical, Eli Lilly and other corporations have used NAFTA to attempt to overturn Canadian regulations regarding offshore oil drilling, fracking, pesticides, drug patents and other issues.

We have all heard of the slippery slope argument concerning an erosion of powers, in this case it appears the powers of corporations are being increased. Resulting in the decreased powers of the sovereign governments and the people they represent.

This is just another battle we the people must continue to wage, call your representative today and ask them to join us in our efforts.

Link to full story

Bedlam at Saturday night chatter as one of our group won the $64,000 raffle. More to follow.


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