Scary Thoughts For a Monday Morning?

Scary Thoughts For a Monday Morning?

Are you talking about me?

Cannot confirm this yet but, both the Mackinac Bridge Authority and the Ambassador Bridge have placed guards near their locations. They have instructions to watch for Chris Christie or any member of his staff.
New York Times is running a series detailing how the big money working with ALEC has skirted election laws to take control of state governments across the country.
More here…
In Michigan Republicans continue in their efforts to take complete control and disenfranchise the votes of residents statewide.
Link here…
And still in Michigan Republican Senator Randy Richardville is working on a program to skirt term limits. The voter approved law should not apply to him and his fellow Republicans.
More here…
Sorry about all the bad news today but, working together we can turn this around.


3 thoughts on “Scary Thoughts For a Monday Morning?

  1. It’s encouraging to me that lately I’ve noticed a crack in the Grand Coolie Dam of resistance to revealing the depth of corruption at all levels of US government. The people finally seem to be awakening from their slumber, and the real power lies with them ultimately.


    • Yes Lesley, i see that also. But not sure if they are following the dots completely yet. Two of my adversaries have repeatedly said “It’s the lobbyists that are the problem” but one is convinced that everybody on welfare is on it because they are lazy and want to be on welfare, following this line of thinking he thinks the only way to combat all this welfare fraud is to vote Republican. The other votes Republican because they support the military.
      This is the guy that told me they did not eliminate Osama in Tora bora because the liberals would not let them.


      • I think a large part of the problem is that people just don’t have time to follow in-depth news because in this economy they must work long, hard hours. They just don’t want to deal with it. This may explain why Fox News and their dumbed down, simplistic coverage is so popular – it’s really “entertainment” for people who just want to relax. Being retired, I have the time to examine complex news releases. Many of the responses that I get to my Twitter news posts confirm this. I was taught critical thinking in school, but the present emphasis on test results do not allow for consideration of ambiguity or analysis of conflicting opinions. In short, most kids just can’t really think! Without an educated public, we have no defense against the death of liberty. If you aren’t familiar with Yeats’ wonderful, prophetic poem “The Second Coming”, I suggest you read it:


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