Is this enough?

Is this enough?

In the past 10-15 years I have taken part in and seen demonstrations all over this country/world.
Years ago we had demonstrations at our local representative’s office seeking his support in the S-chip bill.
A small group of dedicated people have stood at the corner of Tittabawassee and Bay road in their monthly anti-war vigils; at times getting pelted with half eaten donuts and other food items and called various names.
We have seen demonstrations at the capitol of Wisconsin with peaceful people being arrested and fined for exercising their rights of free speech and assembly.
We have seen the Moral Monday protests in North Carolina.
We have signed and circulated petitions for recalling tea party elected governors in various states.
There are petitions circulating now to end fracking and stop the Keystone pipeline.
In Michigan there was a ballot issue designed to protect unions. This went down to defeat because of the effective advertising of its foes.
It has been suggested at various sources that Occupy Wall Street did have some positive effect. Opening the eyes of many to some of the problems being faced by many in this world we live in.
But other than that what have we accomplished with all these actions?
The Republican thugs controlling our state governments continue with their dastardly deeds.

Michigan has just passed a rape insurance bill that most everyone in the state considers to be insane.

Now they have a plan to give the presidential electoral votes to their candidate in the next election using the gerrymandered districts.
Can all our protesting and signing of petitions put a stop to this? It appears not to be working.

The only solution I can see is to remove them from office in the midterms. To do this we must all work together, we must come up with some phrases and words that will shake the masses to their senses. Help them to see the light that has been obscured by all the bs put forth by the MSM and talk radio.
There is a meeting in my town this Thursday evening to join in watching Snyder’s state of the state address. Come to the meeting, bring your concerns and your hopes and join us in defeating those bums next November.
Call me if you need a ride; (U.S. Residents only). 😉


2 thoughts on “Is this enough?

  1. I know it is so disheartening all the s#&t those republican thugs throw at us, and sometimes I can’t get up the energy myself to do anything, but we can’t quit trying. I’m leaning towards my “‘ol’ standby” of the Burma Shave Signs method of standing on the busiest corner in each of the Tri Cities to get our message across. Here is a possibility – sign #1 could say, “do you like the reduction in the EIC deduction?” #2 sign – “Do you like the reduction in Homestead Property Tax deduction?” #3 sign -” Do you like paying taxes on your pension”? #4 sign – “If so, then go ahead and vote republican”. Or the 4th sign could say – “If not then vote democratic.” The signs could cover all kinds of issues from the EM law, to the RTW law, and the fact that they just write laws to negate what we do, showing that they don’t care about what we want. We could cover any issue we want to shed light on.

    We could also get out there and hold up signs about what Schaur (oops not sure of how to spell his name) wants to do if he is elected. Maybe we could get the occupy group back together and show up once a week for a couple of hours on a Fri or Sat to catch the busiest traffic times. We could do our own cities; Saginaw , Bay City, and Midland. We wouldn’t even need to do weekly meetings, we could coordinate everything on the OTT discussion group page.

    I’m putting in my 2 cents worth now cause I won’t be able to make it Thursday nite. Let me know what you guys come up with and I’ll be glad to help.


    • Thank you for your 2 cents Dawn. We are looking at neighborhood mtgs. Or precinct mtgs. Just saw a commercial on tv this am. The Koch bros. are going after dem candidate for senate. Also saw something about them using state Capitol for political ad.


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