“All Politics is Local”

A phrase coined by Tip O’Neil a former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Yesterday in Bay County Michigan a local politician County Commissioner Don Tilley, gained support   to have Michigan’s first county-wide non-discrimination ordinance moved to a public hearing in February

This action is an excellent example of local politics at its best. This action is what we all need to fight the onslaught of money pouring into our state from the coffers of the Koch brothers.

Their Americans for Prosperity has started to run campaign ads against Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Gary Peters.

Americans for Prosperity is a Koch brothers funded group that works around election laws to promote their right wing agenda. Keep in mind, the only ones that have prospered under this groups guidelines are the Koch brothers, Mitt Romney, Dick DeVos, Rick Snyder and others of their ilk.

As common citizens of Michigan we cannot begin to match the hundreds of thousands of dollars these few are spending on promoting their greedy ways, but united as one voice, we can get our needs addressed. Much like the good people of Bay County did yesterday.

We will not let the Koch brothers buy our government like they have done in neighboring States; we will go to local meetings and get involved on a true grass-roots level. We will support candidates who support us.

Working neighbor to neighbor(LOCAL POLITICS at its best!) we can do this. Send me an email for information on meetings in your neighborhood. Still room for you at Thursday’s meeting in Saginaw, looking forward to meeting you all.

Link to more info re Koch brothers…



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