Just a Couple of Brief Snarks Today

So the children got us one of those fancy one cup coffee makers for my birthday. And then for Christmas they got us one of those fancy big flat screen television sets.

Please do not let any of your right wing friends know this as we are on social security and Medicare. And we do not want the Republicans complaining about us folks on the government dole having all these rich folk things.

Second. Now this is just a rumor so do not share it with anyone. A dude in Florida had to “pop a cap” on one of his neighbors. Seems the neighbor had put his yard waste across the lot line for the third time. Dude told him to stop that shit. Second dude came out with a rake in his hand. First dude felt he was under attack and blasted him to eternity with his AK-47.

Third, The Koch brothers are advertising like crazy in Michigan to get their candidate elected to the U.S. Senate. If you want these dudes and their lobbyists to have even more control over our government, follow their instructions otherwise join me in voting for anyone that pisses them off.

Have a good day friends and hopefully I will see you all tonight.


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