In a Discussion with a group of Republicans

I joined the discussion late and one of my friends told the group that I would be able to put a different perspective on the topic.

Of course I asked him what topic they were discussing. He told me they were talking about Obama getting re-elected to the presidency for a second term. I said “I hope this is not considered racist but one of the reasons Obama was elected was the fact that blacks came out in force to support him.”

One member of the group said “yea and the white trash.” “OHHH” I replied “The white trash all vote Republican.” They almost fell out of their chairs they were laughing so hard.

I then asked them where would one find these “white trash”? They replied “Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama and so on.”

I immediately pointed out that these are all red states. Explaining to them how these poor folks have been brainwashed to vote Republican via different methods. Either through their religious training, their fear of Obama taking their guns away or perhaps they are just racists.

I then told them the true story of working on a campaign in Michigan’s 4th congressional district trying to unseat the gerrymandered Republican representative. Stopping at a trailer house on a back road up in Osceola County where a senior citizen was standing in the yard. I noticed the gentleman had one of those scooters supplied to handicapped seniors via Medicare/Medicaid. I also accepted the fact that this fellow was on social security based on his apparent age. Food stamps? Very likely, based on what appeared to be a limited income lifestyle.

In talking to this man I asked him why he had a sign in support of the Republican candidate in his yard suggesting that Democrats tend to show more support for us common folk.

He replied “I don’t want the government involved in my personal life.”

My Republican friends said they would have to ponder this for a while and would get back with me.

We should all ponder this for a bit, don’t you think?


5 thoughts on “In a Discussion with a group of Republicans

  1. I’ve noticed that no matter a person’s age, they almost always mirror their parents’ beliefs in politics, religion, personal relations and actions. To me that’s strange, since I have been on opposite sides to my own parents’ beliefs as far back as I can remember and I don’t think it’s a form of rebellion. I am very liberal, they were Goldwater style republicans come hell or high water which never made the slightest sense to me. That old “If it’s good enough for my parents, it’s good enough for me” formula excuses a lot of mindless behavior. Believe it or not, I have a old friend who will not get a pet even though she wants one because her mother disliked the messes they create. It just seems like a perverse kind of loyalty to me. I’d appreciate comments.


    • My Dad was a dyed in the wool Republican. Newt Gingrich was his hero. My son is possibly a tea party member. He has shook Newt Gingrich’s hand and is proud of that fact.
      Two brothers share my political leanings, older sister shares our dads.
      And i was a hard core Republican until Reagan’s second term when he fired the Patco workers. I quickly saw the downfall of American workers living standards and changed loyalties.


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