Two girls drink from a deep well recently dug at an elementary school in La Paz, El Salvador. Contaminated surface water kills thousands of people every year in the country; most of the victims are children.

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When NAFTA came into being 20 years ago corporate lawyers embedded into the agreement rules giving corporations the right to sue governments.

Today El Salvador, a country that has plenty of water but is struggling to keep it clean, has refused to issue mining permits to various mining companies.

“One company, Canada’s Pacific Rim Mining Corporation is suing El Salvador over $300 million an amount equivalent to more than 1 percent of El Salvador’s economy.”

Quoted from an article in Nation magazine A Strategic Fight Against Corporate Rule written by Robin Broad and John Cavanagh.

If there is anything we as citizens of the world do not need, it is more corporate control of our governments.

The Transatlantic Trade agreement currently being debated around the world includes just such powers.

We must all join together in fighting this corporate takeover of the world. Contact elected officials using these sources. Be polite yet firm in your requests.

White House (202)456-1111, Senate (202)456-3121, House of Representatives


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