Soon to be extinct?

Soon to be extinct?

The earth continues spinning on its axis and revolving around the sun. With each daily spin this species continues decreasing in numbers. Will anyone come to the rescue? Does anyone even know of this impending disaster?
Before I go on the species should be identified so we can all join in working to preserve it. The species I am referring to is American middle-class folks.
This species reached its high point and was in line to gain control of America sometime in the late 1960s.
The upper class seeing this began on a journey to wrest control from these hardworking taxpayers. They created think tanks and groups designed to gain and forever maintain control of America and the American economy. This was the beginning of their assault on the middlings.
One of the early groups called themselves the John Birch Society. Created in 1958 by Jack Welch, this group had called Republican President Eisenhower a communist. This was just one of their wild claims and they were eventually called out as being radically conservative even possibly fascist by conservative intellectual William F. Buckley.
The society still exists in all 50 states today and many of their original values can be witnessed in the Libertarian movement today. The Koch brothers have roots in this group.
IMHO the big blow came when St. Ronnie implemented his trickle down economic plan and began the union busting crusade that still continues today.
Their efforts have been quite successful as hardworking middle-class folks are still supporting them in elections across the country; helping in the elimination of their class in doing so.
In an effort to keep this brief I will just post a link that gives some credence to the statement of middle-class becoming extinct…
Now my friends, please join me in preserving this wonderful species, thank you.


5 thoughts on “Soon to be extinct?

  1. I thought of this article when I read your post. I think it’s a very exciting idea. I agree that something must be done, but it seems like standing at the foot of a mountain considering the power that money has in our government. This article outlines a starting place. The media is controlled by just six corporations who keep the public from knowing what’s really going on. We need something simple but powerful in exposing the corruption. Check this out:


    • Lesley, i went to the link. interesting idea but, what would keep this from becoming just another argumentative blog type posting?
      Last paragraph of an editorial regarding Obama’s state of the union address. “Obama’s willingness to fight for more jobs and higher wages takes much of its energy from grass-roots activism: fast-food workers, economic justice groups and climate activists across the country have moved the national discourse in a progressive direction. Only continued activism and pressure will force Washington to do the right thing.”


      • Exactly. Your last sentence is the answer. People are fed up, and their activism would contribute to dismantling the logjam in government. The article doesn’t outline The Solution. It’ would be just one more chink in the armor of the Right.


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