Personal, thought today

What do you do with a do over?

We all have times in our lives when we leave an event or circumstance and think to ourselves. Oh dang I should have said ***** or I hope my message was received as delivered. Or if I had just **** this would have ended differently.

Those are the times we wish for a do over. However a do over is not really available to anyone. We can go back and repeat the event, circumstance changing our words or actions but this is actually just another event, circumstance. As they say, you cannot un ring the bell.

Having said that let me also say, our lives are full of both good and bad. We accept this and carry on with little or no regrets. Looking back only leads to a stiff neck. We must all remember the past to avoid repeating our mistakes. We use these memories to hopefully make us a better person today.

As for me, I plan on spending the rest of my life giving more hugs. Hugs are good things, they bring comfort to all involved both the huger and the recipient. *there are indeed some people who do not like hugs but they can be just given a shoulder hug.

These hugs should not be considered a do over; they are for real in the now and should be taken as such.

So for all my friends this morning I close with this {{{{{friends}}}}}.


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