If this works correctly, it should anger both sides of the political spectrum

Sing along with me; to the tune of Yankee Doodle

President Obama came to town

Upon a flying jet plane

He brought with him some salted pork

And gave it to the gullible….

This little ditty has a nice if perhaps sarcastic ring to it don’t you think?

You see last Friday the President of the United States came to Lansing, Michigan for a ceremonial signing of the farm bill.

The President spoke eloquently of the wonders of this bill and the many benefits of having passed it in a bipartisan vote.

A while back I had contacted Senator Debbie Stabenow expressing my concern with the farm bill and the reduction of food stamps included in the bill.

She replied, and one point she made stuck with me. She mentioned the person in Michigan that had won a substantial amount of money in a lottery drawing and continued to collect food stamps. She said surely we do not want anyone with a million dollars in the bank collecting food stamps. All most suggesting to me the cuts are just an elimination of the crooks taking advantage of the law; the scammers so to speak. And the next day I see a mother of three from Pennsylvania telling us she will be losing $65 a month in food stamps. Her and her husband will now give their children more canned peas and less fresh fruits and veggies.

I have not replied to the senator yet as for some unknown reason her email seems to have disappeared from my inbox. If and when I do reply I will agree with her that no one wants to see someone with a million dollar bank account get food stamps.

I will also point out to her this quote from an article in the National Review.

“No doubt conservatives will complain about the food-stamp spending, but whatever one thinks about our ever-growing safety net, there is simply no excuse for the farm portion of the bill, which is pure corporate welfare. After all, while no one would deny that farming can be a difficult and sometimes precarious way of life, farmers generally are not suffering. In 2013 the average farm household had an income of $104,525. In 2011, the most recent year a direct comparison is available, farm-household incomes were 25 percent higher than the average for all U.S.”

“Among the biggest recipients of farm subsidies are Tysons Food, Pilgrim’s Pride, and Riceland Foods, none of which are likely to be the subject of a Lifetime TV movie anytime soon. In fact, roughly a third of subsidies in the last farm bill went to the wealthiest 4 percent of farmers.”

Link to full article… http://www.nationalreview.com/article/369697/pork-farm-bill-michael-tanner

This topic would not have been covered had there been less moaning and groaning among the right-wing about the costs of food stamps. Why do they remain silent regarding the excessive costs of the corporate welfare as defined above?

Corporate power has to go.

Now once again let’s all clap our hands and sing; President Obama came to town……..


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