And again we talk of perspectives

And again we talk of perspectives

We watched Dallas Buyers Club yesterday. We both thought it was a good movie. Profanity aside, I guess you just have to accept it if you want to watch a current movie.
This movie came highly recommended to me by a hard-core right-winger. He told me it was a darn good movie and I should watch it.
After watching the movie I have the feeling that we have different perspectives on the movie. Most likely he saw a movie that depicted an aids sufferer that lost his battle with the government to care for himself as he felt was best. (Damn government interfering with our personal lives.)
I with a different perspective saw the movie as depicting an aids sufferer that lost his battle with the forces controlling the government; in this case big Pharma.
I am a firm believer that we do need these various government agencies to protect ourselves from ourselves. Who among us would feel less safe when boarding an airplane were the FAA to be eliminated? Who among us would have confidence in depositing moneys into banks were the FDIC to be eliminated? I could go on but my message is clear.
The problem with these agencies stems from having corporate insiders in charge of the agencies they are supposed to be watching.
Remembering back to when Dick Cheney set up a U.S. energy policy behind closed doors with the power brokers in the energy industry. I am reminded of how these managers decide what is good for their industry rather than what is good for America. Just like our elected representatives care not for what is good for America but just what will get them re-elected in their gerrymandered districts.
Well enough for today. It is bright and sunny but still cold outside, stay warm.


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