Not sure if this is the poster from Florida.

Not sure if this is the poster from Florida.

Somewhat interesting thread on Facebook last night; a friend posted the fact that he had a dead possum in his back yard. His concern was his small dogs. He felt he had to remove the possum from his yard to protect his dogs.
Well there came a bevy of responses some humorous some not.
“How do you know it is dead? It may just be playing possum.
Pick it up, if it bites you it is not dead, otherwise not sure.
Possums are good eating, enjoy.”
The posters concern was disposing of said possum.
“Put in a dumpster.
Bury it in the snow.
Do nothing, the ants and buzzards will take care of it.”
Poster not really sure it is dead.
“Put a bullet in its head.
Don’t have a gun.
Use a baseball bat”

And then a lady from Florida said. “Don’t have a gun? I live in Florida and we all have guns down here, need them for our protection.”
A couple of us got on her about guns and the stupidity of owning them.
The original poster removed entire thread before it got too nasty.
My question to all and any is. Is that really the general feeling in Florida? Have the citizens of that state been brainwashed to such an extent that they all feel they have to have a gun for protection?
Is the state overrun with thugs racing about in an effort to rape and pillage at will?
Why do you people from Florida think like that?


3 thoughts on “Not sure if this is the poster from Florida.

  1. You know, after reading this last post I regret ever returning home from England. Even with all the flooding going on over there, it’s easier to swim than dodge bullets any day.


    • Yes swimming to safety would be my preference also. I was always of the opinion that men bought guns for the same reason they bought BIG trucks, it makes up for a feeling of inadequacy in another area. It is the women that i find hard to understand. Has the NRA instilled this much fear in them? I was in Florida a few years ago and had an Obama bumper sticker on my car. My brother-in-law told me i could get shot down here with that thing on my car. I thought he was joking, seems like i was wrong.


      • I was in Massachusetts at the beginning of the Iraq war. I had a sticker on my car: “Let Us Put An End To War.” I ran into a store for photocopies and when I came out there was a note under my wiper and the side of my car had been keyed. So MA was Florida minus the guns. I hope whoever did it realizes the futility of wars now. Maybe, maybe not.


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