UAW loses election in Tennessee VW plant

UAW loses election in Tennessee VW plant

While I am personally unhappy with these results, I actually look at this as a positive thing. This vote took place in Tennessee; a red state that voted for Romney 59.5 percent to Obama’s 39 percent. A state that has citizens who grew up being taught that unions were communists’.
The workers were threatened with a loss of jobs and the company was threatened with a loss of government support. These threats came from elected government officials. The legality of these threats is questionable and may have repercussions.
The outside efforts to defeat the union in this election included non other than political gadfly Grover Norquist. This character went so far as to put up a billboard indicating the demise of Detroit came about because of the UAW. Norquist overlooked the fact that when GM and Chrysler were both going belly up and had to be bailed out by the federal government it was the management team that was called to D.C. He overlooks the fact that Ford was working with the same union workforce and survived the disaster unscathed. The only difference was management.
The results of 53 percent to 47 percent under these conditions are good news. Not long ago the union would have been lucky to get 20 percent support in this location.
We are moving in the right direction my friends and victory is in sight.
Carry on, carry on!


2 thoughts on “UAW loses election in Tennessee VW plant

  1. The line, “A state that has citizens who grew up being taught that unions were communists” (referring to Tennessee) is telling. I commented in an earlier post that I was appalled at so many people following what they had been taught like so many bleating sheep. I wonder if it’s our failing educational system or simply a characteristic of Americans? Where are critical thinking skills? Why don’t so many of our citizens not examine and question the received “wisdom” of what they are taught/brainwashed to believe? I have taught in diverse educational systems at secondary and tertiary levels, both in the USA and abroad and I see this unquestioning mindlessness in so many Americans. Yes, other countries also produce robotic citizens, but it’s mostly an American phenomenon. The only other country I have taught in that was as accepting of – for lack of a better term – the party line was Poland before the wall came down. Yes, both the USA and Poland had their rebels, but why must one be a rebel to see through the hypocrisy and downright stupidity of our present government? We now pretty much live in an Orwellian society.


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