What if someone breaks into your house?

What are you going to do, throw a book at em?
That line sounds like it came right out of the Guns and Ammo advertising brochure . And that is the line used on a young man to convince him that he needed a gun.
So I took a quick look around the table and did a quick survey. The men at the table have a combined lifespan of about 200 years. In that 200 years they have experienced a total of zero / break ins.
Another excellent marketing ploy used by the Gun industry.
Think about it.
Posting from the warm climate of Florida, flak jacket at the ready. 😉


2 thoughts on “What if someone breaks into your house?

  1. There are two aspects to the question; I think you only covered one. The Odds of something bad happening. Admittedly at any one point the odds are low.
    Combine that with smart activities such as making a house unattractive to burglars; motion sensor lights, good security, etc; and you can keep those odds low.
    Another aspect to your informal survey was too small of a sample size. Like saying “Hey, no one at this table has ever been murdered; no one has to worry about that”. Doesn’t exactly work that way.
    The FBI estimates the odds at 1 in 36 homes will suffer a break in.

    The aspect you missed is the consequences if something bad happens. This can range from the minor; several thousands in property loss or damage to the nearly unthinkable — the loss of a loved one. Not all criminals who break in are just thieves. Some are people out to get their kicks by hurting others.

    Sorry but the fact that crime exists, that the police can not —and are not legally obligated to protect –individuals is not a marketing scheme. The are cold hard facts of life.

    Bob S.
    3 Boxes of BS


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