A Question for my Political junkie friends re. Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage?

Right now in Michigan there is an active group preparing to gather names on a petition to put a raise in the minimum wage on the ballot.

This action leads me to wonder.

Ballot issues have two main purposes, one to get the issue passed and two to get out the vote of a certain constituency.

I am left to wonder why this issue is being pursued. In a small gathering last week this topic was brought up and 6 of the 7 people involved thought raising the minimum wage was a bad idea.

One member stated “wait until you have to pay $5 for a $3 hamburger.”

This group consisted of primarily senior citizens that could be classified as moderate Republicans. (if such a thing still exists) 😉

While this was not a wide spread focus group and should not be used for final decision making, in the recent past I have talked with younger people still in the work force and received similar responses. Not a good idea, if they raise minimum wage they will be making more than me and I have been working hard for six years.

I have tried to explain to them the domino effect of raising the minimum wage but it appears to fall on deaf ears. The right wing’s divide and conquer program has been firmly implanted into the minds of many of these people.

If the petition drive is successful and the issue gets on the ballot it will be defeated.

So I continue to wonder; what brain trust came up with this plan? And what is the goal of this effort?

Sunny Sunday morning, have some fun today!


3 thoughts on “A Question for my Political junkie friends re. Minimum Wage

  1. One reason for doing this is such a raise is very popular in general and may be being used as a “get out the vote” measure. People will show up and vote if there is something to vote for. The larger the vote, the greater the chances of Democrats winning, hence the efforts of Republicans to restrict the vote.


    • I am still thinking about this and. Am now thinking this may be effective in getting the poor and minority voters to the polls. The people that tend to skip voting in mid term elections. I may like this after all. 🙂


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