More on Liberty

Yesterday I posted my interpretation of liberty. The posting was in response to a discussion on social media that I was involved in. My latest reply on that site will be shared here for those that do not have access to it.

“Sixty some years ago when I was a small child we had a dog. We used to open the door and let the dog run free; everybody did that in those days. The dogs had complete liberty. As time passed it became impolite to let your dog mess in someone else’s yard. Many communities passed ordinances making this action punishable. Now we walk dogs on a leash with pooper scooper in hand. The dogs have given up some of their liberty for the happiness of the masses. Can’t we, as humans, act accordingly without feeling we are restricted?”

We all give up liberties in our lives. Some give up liberties to belong to and adhere to the rules of religious sects or organizations. Some give up liberties to work in a certain occupation.

A large majority of elected Republicans have given up liberties by signing a pledge to political gadfly Grover Norquist. Most likely, ALL elected officials give up some liberties to maintain their required money flow. (Next election always looms on the horizon.)

However, will fully giving up liberties is a far cry from having your liberties taken from you by government laws and regulations.

Three that come to mind this morning are: The right to vote, the right to peacefully assemble and free speech and women’s right to choose.

These three liberties are under constant attack today by the radicals in our governments from the local to the national level and we must all continue in our efforts to remove these scoundrels from office.

Get involved and stay involved they are not backing off from their attacks.


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