Sometimes a body just gets tired

Sometimes a body just gets tired

Lil dog thinks it is time to get up every morning at no later than 7 am.
Makes no difference how late we were up last night; he just sits by the side of the bed and growls until he wakes me and then after I am up and about the little guy lays down his head and takes one of many naps.
So I get on the internet begin by reading about how ALEC has their conferences where they have highly trained professionals admonish Republican legislators for not pushing hard enough for their corporate agendas.
An agenda that runs the gamut from denying climate changes to privatization of schools.
More details at this link…
I then read about that clown from California is continuing with his childish behavior. Holding a hearing where he is the only one allowed to speak.
More details at this link…
Like I said sometimes a body just gets tired. Maybe I can sneak in a nap before anyone else gets up, woops too late.
Have another good day friends.


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