The Smiffs

The Smiffs

Pinnelas county Florida special election
The good people of this district have continued in their quest to be the dumbest county in America; electing David Jolly to the U.S. House of Representatives over Alex Sink.
Jolly a former lobbyist who has exerted efforts to do away with Medicare and privatize Social Security has fooled the voters of this district for sure.
The district has been a Republican strong hold for almost 60 years yet ABC news said Tuesday’s victory was an upset???
An exit poll interview with voter Snuffy Smiff and his cousin/wife Thelma Louise Smiff/Smiff revealed these words. Smiff said “The Democrats just want us to lose Medicare so we have to go on that dang Obamacare thing.” Smiff’s cousin/wife added, “I sure as hell want my social security to be private, don’t want the gubbermint messing with my personal business.”

In a related incident Florida Governor Rick Scott was preparing to drug test the whole damn county if the voting had gone the other way.
But fear not my friends; Florida does still have a warm climate and sunshine.


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