Corporate Dems Vs. Regular Dems

Check it out.

Hopefully this will work, i have not tried posting a video before. The video is an excellent explanation of what is going on in America today and why.
It really makes no difference either one is better than any Republican.
Corporate Dems support Wall Street and big money interest but do want safety nets for common folk.
The corporate Dems have been in control of the party for the past 20 years or so.
Regular Dems are more concerned with main street and support common folk.
The Republicans and their economic plan introduced by “Saint Ronnie” some forty years ago have nothing new to add to the party.
Their plan has done nothing for working people other than make their economic lives more of a struggle.
The youth of America recognize this and are voting accordingly. They may not declare themselves to be Democrats but they are liberals.


2 thoughts on “Corporate Dems Vs. Regular Dems

  1. Excellent, Larry.

    I don’t know if Krystal ;Ball wrote this herself; but I don’t think that matters. She says it; and she says it well.

    Now if Democrats in power will only listen.

    We deal with their fear of losing if they follow progressive ideals here in Kentucky; but, when they follow Republican goals everybody loses. (Well, except the plutocracy.)


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