In The News

This morning’s news includes a story about some people in Connecticut working on an assisted suicide law.

Wow, hot topic with points being made by both sides on this issue. Personally I think this is a personal decision and should be left to the individual and his/her family. I am one that feels quality of life trumps quantity of life.   Some have religious beliefs that support letting a person live on in a state of pain and suffering until they die “naturally”. I have given instructions to my children on my personal desires, whether they follow them or not are out of my control.

Also another possible blow to those with strong religious training is news that scientists at Harvard have found something called gravity waves. Gravity waves are something Einstein suggested as part of his theory of relativity but, never accomplished the goal of finding them or proving they existed.

According to the report these waves are proof of the “big bang” explanation of how it all began. Put that in your thinking cap and mull it for a while. 😉

On another topic…

In a gathering last weekend I mentioned having read somewhere that the United States is the only developed country in the world that still has for profit health care. One member of the group cheerfully said “Yes capitalism that is what it is all about.”

Did not respond, but should have said. Well you better hope that the next time you need medical help the capitalists do not decided it would be more profitable to just let you die.

That’s enough for this sunny day. Have plumbing problems to work on.


15 thoughts on “In The News

  1. United states has profit for health care….
    … sicko please everyone. And you will learn. If you dislike Michael Moore still watch and you will learn


  2. Isn’t what a person does with their own body the ultimate expression of freedom? If a person is ill, in pain, and has no hope of recovery they should have, as a given, the right to say “enough.” They should then be afforded the assistance to end that suffering.


  3. If you believe in god it’s one of the commandments. Remember. THOU SHALL NOT KILL………’s not a choice to choose your own death or have someone decide for you. We will meet our maker in the end. And I for one want to be at the gate . that’s the problem with society now. They want to mark their own rules and justify their actions .


  4. Please do Larry. We should of watched it while you were here. , I would love to see it again. In fact I’ll watch today. Sicko.


  5. also on he pet issues it mostly cost to keep your pet going and most don’t have that if we did we would probably chose to keep them going


  6. You are right, we all think differently. and we all have a right to our own choices. or at least we should. Never thought about the money thing with pets, good point. John would most likely ask one of the children to “pull the plug”.


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