Rumor RE: inner city schools in Michigan?

Recently heard this; in spite of Michigan governor Snyder and the Republican’s outlandish robbing of Michigan school districts, there is a move afoot to begin all year schools in the inner cities.

The all year school will not include high school, just elementary and junior high students.

This statement brought a look of bewilderment to my face. Someone then said. “This is an attempt to provide “ghetto” kids with a free meal and babysitting service for the parents.”

I mused on this for a few moments. A light went off in my head, sounds like a good idea to me.

The methods we have been using for the past 30 years or so; telling them to get a job and throwing them in prison for any reason possible have not produced any progress.

Get a job when there are no or very few living wage jobs available in this environment is just a phrase used by some to make them feel better as the ignore the plight of this segment of our population.

The excessive imprisonment of these “ghetto” kids is well documented and a prison environment is not conducive to creating well-adjusted contributing adults in our society.

So I say let’s give this all year schooling a try. It will provide the children with better nutrition and a more stable environment.  The positive results will not be instant but, I can see positive results in the near future.

Think about this for a bit and let me know what you think.

Totally off topic but…

Have to close with a recommendation that everyone take the time to watch the movie “Sicko”. This movie explains in detail how America got so far behind the rest of the world in healthcare.


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