Still time to catch this movie

Still time to catch this movie

My open invitation to join me in viewing a few movies has been less than successful.
On Thursday of this week I posted an invitation on Facebook for others to join me in watching one or more of three movies I had in my possession.
“Sicko” by Michael Moore
“Capitalism: A love story” by Michael Moore
And “Temple Grandin” a story detailing the life of an autistic lady
As of today I have had no takers. Now I do understand this, for various reasons. Personally I will not watch Fox or listen to any of the right wing blow hards gabbing daily on local radio.
In my defense I used to watch “Moanin Joe” every morning to get a Republican’s perspective on things. There were times when I wanted to gag and may have turned it off. This came when Joe went off on one of his rants spouting all the key words in the Republican arsenal, “job creators” and other phrases created Frank Luntz.
I finally stopped watching “Moanin Joe” when their love affair with Chris Christy became more than I could handle.
So to my friends that refuse to watch anything by Michael Moore, I am sorry that you will have to suffer with your continuing restricted view of the world.
Just watching “Sicko” would provide you with the knowledge required to understand why the affordable care act may be a step in the right direction but needs much to be a good program for health care in America.
America’s health care, even with this act, continues to be of very poor quality in comparison with other developed nations in this world.

We also have the NCAA tournament  showing daily here.
Running long so, see you at the build your burger event later? 1:pm til 5:pm 122 N. Michigan Ave. Saginaw, Mi.


4 thoughts on “Still time to catch this movie

  1. Hi Larry, sorry but this is the first I saw of the invite, you know how fb doesn’t always send all the posts through. Does the invite still stand, or is it snooze, I lose?


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