A couple of thoughts today

A couple of thoughts todaysparty

The Good!
Both Michigan and Michigan State have advanced to the sweet sixteen.
The Bad!
Michigan’s Rick Snyder continues with his making life miserable for the common folk; will not provide marriage benefits to those gays that got married last Saturday morning.
The ugly!
Prior to Snyder and the Republicans taking over our state, as a senior citizen, I used to get a tax refund based on property taxes paid.
Do these people have no end to their greed?
Malaysia has declared flight MH370 lost, on the bottom of the deep blue Indian Ocean.
The cynic in me says I will believe it when they find the plane/flight recorder.
Saw an interesting show on the teevee this morning dealing with how the military (actually government contractors) used indentured servants in Afghanistan. Probably still using them for all we know. This is a disgrace and all Americans should shout out for a stop to this human trafficking situation.
Still working on next film festival and seeking titles of movies you all want to see.
Election year activities picking up, are you all ready to vote this fall?
It is still rather cold in this part of the world.


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