Idealism versus Realism

Idealism versus Realism

Friends, I have been posting many idealistic goals of mine on this site. I do however maintain a certain degree of realism. The reality being I do not expect to achieve all of my idealistic goals. This reality will not deter me from seeking these goals.
In example I have been calling for an increase in Social Security including basing cola on the actual expenses incurred by seniors. There are currently 5 or 6 national senators calling for this*.
But reality tells me with the last 40 years of constant pressure from the main stream media telling us Social Security will not be available when you retire, this will be a difficult goal to achieve. (Never give UP). How many people do you know that believed this up to the day they began collecting Social Security? Never give UP, all things are possible to those who preserver.
I have called for an end to Citizens United. In reality with the current government under the tight reins of corporatist control, this is not about to happen next week. But additional reality tells me, it can be done if we all get to the polls and elect good people who work for the people. You all remember that “We the people” thing don’t you?
I have called for an increase in minimum wage. Reality tells us this would be beneficial for all people.
• Link to senators
• Link to take action.
And here is something I just became aware of that is another example of the greed being perpetrated on us by the Republicans in power. Another reality we have to stop!
Read this and join me in getting out the vote next November.

Just saw a new ad by the Koch brothers on the TeeVee. Tell them to get the hell out of Michigan, take their billions home and do something good with it.


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