Support Our Troops

Support Our Troops

We are not talking about the symbolic flag waving, singing and shout outs of “OORAH!” here.
We are talking about paying your damn taxes.
Knowing full well that 57 cents out of every dollar of discretionary spending by the U.S. government goes to the WAR department, what better way to support our troops than to pay your taxes with a smile. You may even want to send in an extra buck or two with instructions to give this to the WAR department.
Another way to support our troops would be contacting the Republicans in office and tell them to stop cutting benefits to the troops and our veterans.
A large percentage of Americans receiving food stamps are both active duty military and veterans. Think about this next time you thank a soldier for his/her service to our country.
While I am sure they all appreciate your kind words, a little food on the table would be even more appreciated; don’t you think?
Speaking of the 57 cents being spent on the WAR department; we should all be proud. While the U.S. has fallen in rankings for health care, education, living standards and general quality of life worldwide; we are still number 1 in WAR spending.
Makes one proud; don’t you think?


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