Tax time nears for all U.S. Citizens

Tax time nears for all U.S. Citizens

I recently helped a young (Republican) friend with his taxes.
Upon completion of his 1040 he, like most Americans, lamented about how much he had to pay in taxes.
In my lifetime I do not recall meeting anyone that enthusiastically paid their taxes.
I did point out to my friend that, while his income puts him in the 25 percent tax bracket, his actual tax is only 15 percent. Slightly more than his hero Mitt Romney’s actual tax rate and far higher than most U.S. corporations.
The young man thought for a moment and then said. “You are pretty good at taxes, but otherwise you are an asshole.”
I find it totally rolling on the floor laughing my ass off funny when these people, when confronted with facts, resort to name calling and rage.
Now this young man is a good person and a good friend and I am sure his statement was partially in jest and I took it so.
*note to my friends, I have used extensive poetic justice in this post, relax.


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