Democrats Vs Republicans, who cares?

Democrats Vs Republicans, who cares?

There are many times I have had similar thoughts. I have railed against both parties. TPP is one example of me being upset with a Democratic office holder.
Most everything the Republicans do irritates me, so no explanation is needed here.
But if one were to just “follow the money”, one would find that corporate powers including Wall Street money supports Republicans. With 71 percent of all donations coming from business and 58 percent of that money going to Republicans it is obvious that there is a difference between the two parties.
Union money accounts for only 5.4 percent of political donations, with 88 percent of their money going to Democratic candidates.
When taken as a whole we find that business donations out number labor donations by 15 to 1.
And these figures do not include all the pseudo non political moneys being spent by the billionaires such as the Koch brothers, the Devos, the Waltons and others.
In Michigan the Republicans have just increased the amount of “secret” money their wealthy donators can contribute to their campaigns.
In Wisconsin the Republicans have just eliminated early voting on nights and weekends and then extended the time lobbyists may donate to their campaigns.
With these hard facts in mind I will continue to support Democratic candidates in spite of my displeasure with some of their actions.
Working together we can regain control of our government, join us in our efforts.


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