Anybody remember what those letters stand for? I first heard them in Econ 101 years back.
They stand for “There ain’t no free lunch.”
I bring this up today because I just received another email from a Obama hater. This email detailed how a Kenyan had just contacted the recipient with a prize notice about a winning lottery of umpteen million dollars. All that was required to collect the winnings was giving your bank account number and so on to the Kenyan.
And this was followed by a picture of President Obama wrapped in a robe symbolic of Kenyan tribal wear.
This picture carried the message of another “Kenyan” offering “free” healthcare for all. All one has to do is give up their social security number and so on.
While President Obama has not had my unflinching support, he is the President of the United States and this type of slander upsets me.
Secondly, anyone that thinks healthcare will be provided “free” to citizens of the world is either seriously confused or just trying to confuse others.
Again, there ain’t no free lunch. All health care is paid for in one manner or another. The big debate is how we are going to pay for it in America.
Prior to the ACA we paid for our health care using cash or paying insurance premiums. With insurance companies taking their profit off the top and hospitals charging $50 for an aspirin to defray the losses from indigent patients this proved to be an expensive way.
The ACA, while being a step in the right direction, still has the “for profit” insurance companies and hospitals involved and hopefully will be revised soon.
If we expect to have affordable health care for all, we must move in the direction of single payer or Medicare for all.
And yes, we will all be paying for this.


4 thoughts on “TANFL

  1. I don’t like the idea of Medicare for All. My Medicare is expensive! The first chop comes out of my SS payment. Then there’s the supplement payments to plug the holes in Medicare. Then there’s the supplement’s co-pays and restrictions. Single payer is paid for by taxes (which is not a dirty word) and does away with the hugely expensive administrative costs of our present system. If we stopped fighting really stupid wars which cost billions of dollars it would be a big help. If we instituted a VAT tax it would make a lot of sense. If we cleaned up our political system’s corruption it would be a big help. Universal Healthcare! People Before Profit!. It will happen, but it will be a state by state effort lurching through our unwieldy political system.


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