A couple of things that stick in my craw

A couple of things that stick in my craw

First, a recent post on Facebook had a study by the Mackinac Center extolling the virtues of “right to work” states. The study included some detail showing higher wages and so forth for these states.
My response to this post is; “balderdash.”
The Mackinac Center is a right wing propaganda machine. I pulled this from a 20 page report…

“the authors found
that in only one case did the Center‟s research reach a quality sufficient to be considered for
publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal.” (Emphasis mine.)

Did you see that, in almost 30 years of creating studies and reports only one case qualifies for publication in a peer-reviewed academic journal?

This information makes one shudder every time one sees a story in the local paper with the Mackinac Center listed as a source.

If you are interested in reading the full report, here is the link.
Now for the second item giving me difficulties in swallowing; let’s talk about the Koch brothers and their unending assault on our intelligence.
Here are two guys with a combined net worth of $80 billion. They are in the twilight years of their lives. It seems that at this stage they would want to do some good with all that money, build some schools or donate to a global fund helping people get clean drinking water or any of the many other worthwhile charitable organizations.
But no, what they are doing with their money is using front groups such as “Americans for Prosperity” to gain even more personal wealth. They have spent more money for attack ads attacking N. Carolina senator Kay Hagan than Democratic groups have spent on all senate races in the country.
They really don’t care that much about health care or Obama care, what they really fear is a change in government actions regarding global warming or climate change. The majority of their wealth comes from polluting the environment.
We, as hard working taxpaying citizens of this country, cannot match them dollar for dollar but we can beat them where it counts. We can vote!
Special note to the Koch brothers… Mom always said “I have never seen a Brinks truck in a funeral procession.” Think about it guys and try to do something good before you depart.
There I feel a little better now. 😉



3 thoughts on “A couple of things that stick in my craw

  1. It was the Kochs and their friends who order Cheney/Bush to kill the ready-to-fly (already paid for in-full) Deep Space Climate Observatory, DSCOVR. Had it flown the DSCOVR would have been the first earth observation satellite placed at Lagrangian point L1; a gravity-neutral spot 1.6 million kilometres above earth, a thousand times higher than any existing climate satellite, four-times further out than the moon where it would gaze back on our world measuring the planets changing albedo… an audit impossible with low earth orbit satellites but essential to resolve the planets total energy budget.

    Here’s a link to Cheney/Bushes anti-human actions



  2. We have a similar problem with the mining moguls here… Rinehart in particular… I have always found it strange how those with enough money don’t use it for a good cause, not all of it, just some… It’s not like they can’t afford it. But then I also understand the justification of “we earned/worked hard for it”, whether it be true or not..


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