Nice Yacht, hey buddy!

Nice Yacht, hey buddy!

A note to my 50ish friends and relatives
Pay attention now, there will be a follow-up quiz. 😉
“Fifty years ago, about the time you were born, the largest employer in the United States was General Motors. The average wage of GM workers, in today’s dollars, was $50 an hour.
Today the largest employer in the United States is Walmart. The average wage of Walmart workers, in today’s dollars, is $8 an hour.” Real Time with Bill Maher.

What happened you ask?

Well along came “Saint Ronnie” and his union busting, trickle down economics. This was the beginning of the end for middle class workers in America.
We have all been subject to the main stream media’s compliant support of the aristocrat’s goals, so we have been conditioned to believe the fallacies they spew forth on a daily basis; i.e. Social Security is going broke.
One wonders why traditional middle class retailers, JC Penney and Sears, are struggling to survive while those that supply the richest and the poorest are flourishing. (Tiffany’s and Dollar Tree)
Wonder no more my friends; the middle class in America is being eliminated. If we were to examine, in detail, the reason behind these phenomena, we would find that it is not “Saint Ronnie’s” hypothetical welfare queens that are stealing and hoarding the wealth of the middle class. It in is fact the aristocrats. The Kochs, Devos, Romneys, Waltons and the other billionaires that are the culprits.
So my friends; the next time you are bemoaning the struggles you have in today’s economy, look not at the single mother trying to survive on food stamps and a part-time job, look instead at the Yacht Club and the foreign bank accounts of the aristocrats. There you will find the money you know is missing from your paycheck.


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