Saving Money for the State of Michigan

Saving Money for the State of Michigan

Bear with me my friends, this is just the beginning of an idea I came up with. A seed for growth so to speak.
Knowing that the bills passed and signed into law by Michigan’s government in the last few years are all written by ALEC, I propose the following.
Let us get rid of the Senate and the House of Representatives in Lansing.
The Republicans can just be put on unemployment and the Democrats can elect one person that will be responsible for issuing a dissenting opinion on each law presented by ALEC.
The Governor will of course sign each bill presented by ALEC into law, no change here.
Keep in mind that not all laws are written by ALEC, some come from either DeVos or the Koch brothers but, this is of little consequence as all three entities speak as one voice.
And this is just the beginning my friends. Think of the possibilities ahead, we could possibly eliminate all elections, just have ALEC or the Koch brothers appoint one person to run the state. Sort of like our present governor appoints New York lawyers to run our cities.
Ah yes the cost savings are unending.
What do you all think, should we push forward with this effort?

This action could be implemented in any and all states that have a Republican controlled congress with a Republican governor. The savings could be multiplied even more on a national basis.
Enjoy the bright sunny day in Michigan today. 🙂


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