Scherzer’s contract… opinion from Andrew Heller

Scherzer's contract... opinion from Andrew Heller

Andrew Heller had an interesting column today.
He talked about the high salaries enjoyed by major league baseball players.
He went on to suggest we (Americans) have our priorities mixed up. Instead of athletes and entertainers getting these fat paychecks, they should be going to hard working people like teachers, nurses, first responders and so on.
I tend to agree with Andrew on this and would want to add a thought about the high pay being received by coaches in the big colleges in America. Coaches are often the highest paid staff member of these schools.
Admitted, these sports do bring in tons of revenue to the schools but, what is this money used for? To build 100,000 seat stadiums, to support additional sports activities and last but not least to pay those outrageous salaries to the coaches.
Are any of these dollars used to promote education? One sometimes wonders are these schools there to educate or just to provide us with another sports event to wager on?
Here is a link to Andrew Heller’s columns.


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