Help me understand this please

Like to think I understand human nature but this has me baffled, is it just the profanity? Completely opposite messages get completely opposite responses as expected.
Is it basic human instinct to defend the oppressed if it takes nothing except words, but one stands back when they have to reach into their pocket?
I see the point made in this video but it still boggles my mind watching the extreme contrast of reaction to this guy just based on the message he sends.
Maybe if I think about it a bit I will have a grasp of what is going on, in the mean time how about you all give me some insight.
Nice day today, outside projects for sure.


8 thoughts on “Help me understand this please

  1. This is a video produced by the Pilion Trust which is a community outreach service for the homeless in greater London. I think that the intended audience for the video is on the internet, not those who walk by on the street. It seems a rather ham-fisted attempt to raise awareness doesn’t it? I’d like to have seen them strike up a real conversation with passersby. This isn’t really the way to affect change.


  2. Yes Lesley, I also think the video is for the internet, not for the actual people on the street. The activity most likely will not affect change but, it has the potential to bring these conditions to the public for discussion and thought. They did have brief conversations when they had the f….thepoor sign. It was the helpthepoor sign that received averted eyes. Pointing out how people show concern unless they have to do something other than just pay lip service to the cause, or something along those lines.


  3. While the super-rich and the plain-old-rich hoard every cent they can at the expense of everyone else in society, it is understandable that the average guy/girl in the street appears unwilling to “Help the Poor” by way of a donation to an unknown support charity. Conversely, that same average guy/girl is going to do ‘what they can’ to defend any attack on the poor. I see that as a normal response to the two opposite positions presented.
    It would have been interesting to see what level of engagement there was if an additional sign was used that said “More Tax from the Rich” or something similar…


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