Dear Saginaw, Michigan city council members

Dear Saginaw, Michigan city council members

I just finished reading an uplifting story in today’s Saginaw News. The story shares the thoughts and ideas of Dr. Samuel J. Shaheen.
Shaheen talked about the many positive things he sees in the city. Positive things one seldom if ever, sees in local news coverage.
Shaneen talks of the importance of having a healthy core in our metropolitan area. He says “If we can work on the unemployment and poverty, we will impact crime.”
Thinking about this article led me to think about the recent city council meeting dealing with an ordinance restricting discrimination in the work place based on ones sexual identity.
As other commitments did not give me time to attend the meeting I do not know the exact quote of councilman Larry Coulouris but, it went along the lines of is this the city’s responsibility?
My response to the councilman is a resounding YES!
A yes first of all, because it is just the right thing to do, in this day and age discrimination in any environment is just basically unjust and should be non-existent. If an ordinance is required to do so, then so be it.
Secondly, the youth of the world has acknowledged and accepted the fact that people are different, and these differences make no differences in how people should be treated.
So if Saginaw wants to be recognized as a forward thinking modern community, they must take forward thinking modern actions.
It is time to shake loose of the old tenets and join the world of today. Doing so will prove to be another “positive” thing we can all be proud of, and will show the world that we are indeed a city ready for the future.
I urge you and your fellow council members to shun the words of the extremely vocal minority and move forward by voting yes on this ordinance. Thank you.


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