(Blood) Moon over Miami

(Blood) Moon over Miami

Sorry, my simple mind just could not resist.
This astrological phenomenon is getting some play on the teevee. There will be four such occurrences this year, they call this Tetrad.
Televangelist John Hagee says this is a sign of something big coming down.
Yowser, What do you all suppose he is suggesting?
I am waiting for a rebate check for a toaster I recently bought, do you suppose that is what he is talking about.
Or how about war mongering Senator McCain going on meet the press next Sunday and suggest we arm the patriots in Nevada fighting for the rights of Cliven Bundy. Damn those gubbermint folks thinking Bundy has to comply with federal laws. He is a citizen of Nevada not the United States.
He can’t be thinking of another right wing nut case shooting and killing Christians he mistook for being Jewish, that already happened.
Perhaps Hagee is thinking his donor’s checks will start bouncing and he will have to get a real job.
Or even worse, this is tax day, maybe he is short of funds to pay his taxes, why don’t we all send him a couple bucks to help him out?
Ahh, the fears of things to come are just too much, I think I will have another beer and contemplate the meaning of life for a bit.


2 thoughts on “(Blood) Moon over Miami

    • And for some reason I knew that my short silly sarcastic blog would be amplified by your much detailed blog regarding the same subject. I was slightly surprised by your linking to the religious aspects of this astrological event. But enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for the illumination.
      🙂 back at ya.


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