Thought for today. Rich Vs. the rest of us

Thought for today. Rich Vs. the rest of us

While Surfing the net this morning
I found this term concerning the Republican Party, “money guys”. The poster suggests there are the money guys that really control the party and the nut cases that constitute the base voters.
Thinking along those lines I have always used a different term for the money guys, I called them either the ALEC candidates or the Koch brother’s candidates.
With only one week left to register as a candidate in Michigan I am left to wonder who the Alec candidates are for various offices. I know that the Koch brothers already have their handpicked candidates for United States Senator and state governor but, have they worked with ALEC to pick candidates for the other state offices up for election?
This is not an easy task, as they have to find someone who will abide by their wishes of increasing their personal wealth at the expense of the masses, yet still appeal to the nut cases referred to as the base.
We do know that ALEC has their candidate for Michigan’s 32 senate seat but what about the other races?
Any chance one of you “money guys” could post your selections here? I ask this of the “money guys” because according to the poster, the “money guys” always trump the nutcase base.


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