Armed and ready to shoot.

Armed and ready to shoot.

It was a little over twenty years ago that I met this young woman.
An attractive woman with long dark hair, the face of a Greek goddess and a body that was fit and proper.
After a short conversation I came to view her as a stable, level headed woman with a firm grasp on the world and its environment.
She then shared some snippets of her earlier life. This information adjusted my opinion somewhat. I thought, had this lady been born 20 or 30 years earlier she would have been a peacenik hippy protesting the Vietnam War and smoking dope.
And get this; she was driving a Volkswagen bug with a bumper sticker stating “We all live downstream”.
Not only was she a hippy peace freak, she was a tree hugger to boot. 🙂
So now twenty years later we are having a conversation regarding the rancher in Nevada and his battles with the BLM.
She wants to know why we can’t just let the cows eat the grass. She wants to know why is the government working so hard a prosecuting this man and his cows to save some desert scrub land and the “hairless tortoises”.
At that time I told her the government was not going to take the cows and be mean to them, they were confiscating the cows in lieu of grazing fees, not paid by the rancher.
I did not, but should have said, as far as the desert scrub land home to the “hairless tortoises” goes. This land is all part of the world’s eco-system and destroying one part of this system can and will have adverse affects on the rest of the system. Much like the destruction of the rain forests worldwide is affecting climate change worldwide.
I could have also said. We live in a society of over 300 million people, what gives this individual the right to think and act like he only has to obey laws that he agrees with.
Enough of my shoulda, woulda, coulda.
Just remember, we really do, all live downstream! And the world was not given to us to pillage and plunder, the world was given to us to enjoy and then pass on to our children and grandchildren for their enjoyment.
A lengthy story about this incident can be found here…


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