Justice is Blind?

Justice is Blind?

Here are a couple of cases that question the validity of that statement.
This one is of a Michigan woman who was sentenced to prison and escaped. She then went on to turn her life around. Thirty some years later she was found and caught. She was released after spending 5 days in jail.
This next case deals with a Missouri man who was sentenced to prison. Never showed up and also turned his life around. He has just been found out and arrested. Should be interesting to see how this case turns out.
And here is a story of a teen that was sentenced to parole after killing four people while driving drunk. He was released because of affluence, just can’t put those rich kids in jail.
Here the same judge comes to a different verdict for a lesser crime, at least less dead people. This guy gets 10 years in prison.
And now for the big one. It appears to me that five of our Supreme Court Justices are blind. Blind to reality, as they recently voted to water down the voting rights act of 1965. This of course opened the floodgates of voter discrimination laws in many Republican controlled states. If you can’t beat em at the polls, restrict them from going to the polls.
These Justices must have blindly thought that due to the fact that we have a black president racism is no longer a reality in the United States.

Like Ari Berman recently wrote “Under Chief Justice John Roberts, the Supreme Court has made it far easier to buy an election and far harder to vote in one.”

So what do you think my friends, is justice really blind?



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